Deyae El Otmani

Deyae El Otmani

Deyae El Otmani specialises in recruiting at a mid-senior level exclusively across Supply chain, sourcing, and Quality & Operational Excellence in Asia Pacific retail industry.

  • Function

    • Procurement
    • Quality & Operational Excellence
    • Supply Chain
  • Sector

    • Consumer Goods

Deyae joined Proco Global in 2018 after graduating with a Master Degree from Business School in France and China. She specialises in recruiting Mid to Senior level positions across the retail industry in Asia Pacific Region, focusing on Supply Chain and Sourcing functions. 

Deyae has worked in France, China and now in Hong Kong. Her experience working for European and Asian based companies coupled with her multicultural personality, and the ability to speak multiple languages allowed her to establish strong rapport with candidates.