About us

Our history

We began with Brighton out the window but the world in our sights. We have since grown into a global business made up of more than 150 people.

So where have we come from?

We have developed from a bright-eyed seaside operation into an organisation with bases in eight countries. We made the move into Asia, the Americas and Europe within five years of our establishment for two reasons: the belief that we need to be where our clients are and the specialist nature of our approach to supply chain executive search.

We’ve come a long way, but these core values remain untouched.

Since starting up in a single office back in 2008, we have seen consistent, continuous growth. We can now discuss the market and talk about the weather in 16 different languages.

We were named Supply Chain Recruitment Company of the Year 2014 in Singapore, just six years after being founded on the opposite side of the planet.

We formed to challenge the market’s standard and have been moving forward ever since.