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Shara Alter


What was it about Proco Global that attracted you to us?

For me personally, I was looking to work for an organization that was niche in their business focus and practice. Having spent over 17 years in the recruitment/staffing industry, I was looking for a change outside of general day to day staffing. I personally love a good challenge and enjoy working with teams to help reach their true potential, and assisting employees in reaching their goals. I am passionate both about management and being a good leader, but also truly enjoy working with clients, understanding their needs and building out long lasting relationships. This position gave me all of that. I was also inspired with our CEO’s vision and where he wants to take the business. For me, that was a true opportunity in itself. I also was attracted to the organization by their values and how important employee engagement is to them. Now that I am here, my assumptions were correct. The business truly does take the time to mentor, coach and develop individuals, with a true teamwork mentality. 

What keeps you here at Proco Global?

The people. I am surrounded by smart individuals that no matter what, will drop whatever they are doing to help me. We celebrate our wins but also have a work hard play hard attitude. Our business can be like a roller coaster ride and everyone is here to support each other. 

What is different about your career here compared to previous recruitment companies that you have worked in?

The business  values the spirit of being entrepreneurial. Of course in any sales environment, there are certain expectations of what needs to get done, but how you go about doing that is left in your hands and there is something to be said about that.