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Vanessa Sproedt


What was it about Proco Global that attracted you to us?

The passion, excitement and vision that Rich (The CEO) transmitted to me at our first meeting were the main things that attracted me from the very beginning.

In terms of my own development I was very keen to join a business where I could focus on taking on more responsibility, in an entrepreneurial and challenging environment, and be able to work at a global level.

Last but definitely not least: THE PEOPLE. I really enjoy every single day working with the people all over the world with this company.

What is different about your career here compared to previous recruitment companies that you have worked in?

Recruitment is a very competitive business, it is an industry where your personality and attitude are crucial to success. I really enjoy that success is the result of developing long term relationships and supporting your client grow a sustainable business.

I used to work for a company with a local remit, short term solutions and a very KPI oriented approach. Changing to an environment where long term development and being a market and functional expert is so much more rewarding.This approach enables consultants to develop relationships support our clients with their strategic growth.

Proco is also invested in developing our people’s careers.This means to grow them as experts in their specific market. Investing time and focusing on a specific market is a huge asset and results in highly specialised senior level assignments.

On the cultural perspective I enjoy seeing a bunch of people working and supporting each other rather than playing politics.

What keeps you here at Proco Global?

Proco Global is OUR company – we can be very proud of everything we achieve and equally take responsibility and control of things when we are struggling.

New challenges and new ideas come up constantly which makes this job so exciting! We have a common goal here that provides continuous motivation to keep on going and achieving success!