Driving Innovation in the Supply Chain

Diversity drives growth

As recruiters working across all functions of the supply chain, we collaborate with organisations around the world who have a clear agenda for innovation and change. This is driven by the need to keep abreast of new technologies, to bring about efficiencies while maintaining a competitive advantage.

Management diversity and innovation generates more revenue. At Proco we ensure an unbiased assessments of candidates and present diverse shortlists. We encourage our clients assess an individual based on merit, competency, attitude and whether this person can bring diversity of thought to a team.

What is the business case for diversity?

  • 67%

    of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities

  • 6.6%

    of all Fortune 500 companies have women as their CEOs

  • 69%

    of executives believe that diversity and inclusion are the most important issues

Our insight report

We are proud to present this report on sustainability, which focuses on the impact of sustainable practices across our specialist industries and the supply chain.

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