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Investing in talent acquisition - APAC

With the talent squeeze and skills gap increasingly hindering the ability of supply chains to move effectively, it’s no surprise that many in the Consumer Markets industry are pouring resources into hiring. We’ve noticed a trend within the Consumer Goods sector over the past 12 months with a number of organisations investing in their internal Talent Acquisition teams.

Reckitt is one organisation in particular that has been investing not only in its TA team, but also in its recruitment platform. Groups such as LVMH have also brought in some real experts and gamechangers in terms of their internal recruitment. Ivan Zenovic, previously responsible for complex campaigns at VF, has moved to the giant fashion house, Louis Vuitton, where he has inherited a strong team across North Asia.

However, there can be some downsides to this reliance on internal TA versus external Search Partners:

  1. Working on confidential roles becomes impossible as the approach must come directly from someone within the organisation.
  2. Internal TA tend to have to work on a multitude of different roles, from Supply Chain through to Finance which loses the specialist knowledge often required for Executive Search.
  3. Due to the volume of work TA need to handle, spending the necessary time with each candidate can also become difficult.
  4. Flexibility to turn the hiring on and off; external partners can be utilised on a role-by-role basis versus a resource just sitting around during the down periods.

We are also being engaged more and more by both business leaders and CHROs to work in partnership with them on their talent attraction strategy. This involves crafting an attractive brand proposition to take to market, creating material to engage the very best talent from the start of the process, providing advice on the interview process and how to understand candidates’ real motivations, then finally creating competitive and attractive packages.

The best talent attraction solution is usually a mix between both an internal team and external parties to ensure flexibility and agility – with a healthy relationship between Executive Search partners and Talent Acquisition.

With our knowledge of the sector and region, we have been supporting our clients through these challenges. Please reach out for a confidential conversation if you are in a similar situation and would like to understand what options are available.

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