Insight Reports

We believe that as a global recruiter it is important to encourage more extensive debate on these developments and how they can impact hiring and retaining the best talent. Below are a collection of our recent published insights reports.

AB-InBev’s Digitalization Mission

Proco Global speaks with AB-InBev’s Technology Director for Supply Chain, Allan Freire


The Future of Packaging

In this report, we discuss the four major areas of packaging: paper, plastic, glass, and metal. Each of these subsectors has its own advantages and challenges, but all are moving in the same general direction: towards a future that prioritizes sustainability and the consumer experience.


Future America

In this report, we highlight a number of key topics that are shaping our sectors and ultimately our clients’ search for the best talent. We look at major trends within digitalization, diversity, sustainability, and innovation taking place across the supply chain space.


Consuming the future

Discover the latest trends shaping the food and beverage sector