Planning for the future: A crucial business imperative

On the cusp of exiting the pandemic for good, the future of the food and beverage industry is only now settling and coming into focus following a turbulent eighteen months.

Our industry, like every other industry, has been changed forever. But one thing will always remain true, the F&B sector has a great history of innovation and change which is key if companies are looking to prosper going forward.

As our report – The Future of Food and Beverage, has demonstrated, no company can afford to stand still. Instead, each must tackle the four key topics mentioned in this report: diversity, innovation, digitalization and sustainability. With the Earth’s population expected to grow to 9.8 billion in 2050, and 11.2 billion in 2100, this change is inevitable. Companies need to rethink and redesign their offerings prioritizing these four key pillars – and then re-evaluate every link within their supply chain – to succeed.

If a business is to expect a strong bounce back from the havoc of the pandemic, future planning will be more critical than ever. This means that it’s becoming of paramount importance to find and retain the best talent, to make sure a business is well-situated for the future.

Organizations are showing an increasing desire for a workforce that can anticipate the future and navigate through ever-changing landscapes. Companies are increasingly emphasizing behavioral competencies when searching for candidates across all levels. Supply chain professionals are experiencing unprecedented headhunt approaches, and we expect to see demand remain ‘extreme’ – particularly at the Manager to Director level.

With more sustainably and ethically viable processes in the pipeline, it is essential to prioritize and create favorable scenarios for innovations to work. It’s a question of being agile, getting products from factories to the shelf in a much shorter time.

Consumer trust is now the most crucial factor when it comes the future of the food and beverage industry. Mindful eating patterns will continue to dominate consumption trends. Therefore, it is high time for manufacturers to start acting upon the process to support a holistic and healthy living.

The biggest challenge facing the F&B sector is recruiting and retaining employees who can meet job requirements that are quickly evolving and becoming more tech-reliant due to the pandemic. New career paths are starting to open up as businesses change and embrace new technologies and innovations.

Whether you’re about to begin a search or you are a candidate thinking about your next career move, feel free to connect with myself or any member of the consumer team to see how we can help you or your business succeed.

We can help you find the best people, for your people.

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