The three biggest challenges facing the Food, Agriculture and Ingredients industry

As we enter into 2023, most organisations are bracing themselves for a challenging year and the pressure is on to remain ahead of the innovation curve in a competitive consumer landscape.

CEOs and functional leaders are under pressure to find senior talent and technology to chart the course through uncertainty, with a focus  on managing any costs and strategic investment wisely.

Three of the biggest challenges facing the industry are…..

1. Rise of Conscious Consumers

Consumer consciousness around how the food we eat impacts our health and our environment, is a trend well under way across the industry and it is here to stay. Most businesses are pivoting accordingly to meet consumer demand– with growth in organic, health supplements, low or zero alcohol beverages, reduced sugar and plant-based. Read more

2. Sustainability & Traceability

Creating sustainable and transparent supply chains is critical across all industries and particularly the F&B industry. Most major multinational Food & Beverage and Agricultural businesses have ambitious goals in place related to sustainability. Consumers want to know the carbon footprint related to the products they consume, as well as the nutritional impact of the food they eat.  Read more

3. Inflation & Price Volatility

At the same time as trying to balance innovation, future technology and sustainability, across  the world, inflation and volatility regarding commodities may continue to hit businesses hard.  From Animal Feed to Ingredients, Flavours, FMCG and QSR, few organisations will be immune to mounting cost pressure. This will add significant pressure to all functions from R&D to Procurement, to Supply Chain and Sales. In the face of uncertainty and challenges across the value chain, we’re seeing significant opportunities and investment in senior talent and technology. Read more

Staying on top of all of these trends is a huge task for our clients and is likely to involve re-examining team capabilities and structure. To explore the people possibilities for your business and how our network and knowledge can help you implement your vision of the future contact Lisa Finney, Senior Partner.

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We partner with select clients who value the depth of our knowledge and network across each market and region, which means we can help them anticipate and adapt to the changing needs of the business.


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