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The value of research

Proco Group launched its research centre in Mexico City back in 2019 with the aim of creating a hub of research, development, and innovation. Since then, we have only strengthened our capabilities.

The research centre was developed not only to increase our global coverage, but also to ensure that we are providing our clients with specialists who are looking to connect with end-to-end supply chain executives around the clock. Our office in Mexico has become a centre of excellence, with dedicated teams supporting different regions and industries, expanding our network and capabilities multifold.

Knowledge is Power

For any type of business, market research is crucial. However, in an executive search firm with a global reach that spans multiple sectors, having in-depth knowledge of our markets, emerging trends, and movements across the industry cannot be understated. By allocating this task to one centre and one team, we avoid placing undue stress on the individual leading a search, because they might be spread too thinly. Instead, our researchers work hand-in-hand with our consultants to ensure that the search is being conducted with the best intel.

Having a team of researchers means that we are well-equipped to begin a search, with a deepened understanding of the market, sectors, and available talent. With this specialization, researchers are fully invested in getting to know the ins and outs of their markets and the trends within them. They are actively involved in introductory calls and building knowledge, which enables them to support recruiters working on an active search.

Furthermore, this approach facilities research and connections across borders. With seven offices operating over four continents, our team at Proco is always linked. Spreading out our research duties like this also helps us ensure that our goals are attainable.

Reassuring our Clients

For our clients, our approach to research shows that we are proactive and demonstrates our commitment to a deep understanding of our markets. It also reduces risk for all involved parties. When our client knows that there is someone dedicated to understanding the depths and needs of the search, they are assured that we have minimized the chances of making an inappropriate recommendation. They feel confident knowing that we have insights into any problems associated with this kind of role or industry.

When working with such a strong foundation of knowledge, we don’t have to start from scratch. Rather, our consultants are armed with the information they need to know exactly where to look for the right people.

Example Case Studies

Spirits and Liqueurs
We recently had the opportunity to conduct a search for a well-known spirit brand. In order to solidify our deal, we explained to their team how our dedicated research team is constantly tapping on peoples’ shoulders about various opportunities, while also sharing market insights with our clients. What does this look like? It includes a multitude of information, such as whether or not the company is interesting for candidates based on their previous experience and interests, what opinions the market currently holds about the company, whether or not their salaries are competitive depending on location, and even psychological intel such as key drivers and motivators for someone to leave a job and make a change.

Plant-Based Foods
As a group, we are constantly working towards creating an impact, and so are our clients. For example, we have been supporting plant-based, renewables, and sustainable industries working across procurement, supply chain, and manufacturing / engineering mandates. Since these industries are relatively new, many of our clients look to us to be able to attract the right talent. We have been able to provide them with executives across different geographies who either having working experience in the field or have the technical or academic background conducive to building a career in this area.

Dairy Products
Last year, we executed a talent mapping exercise for the one of the world’s largest dairy and yoghurt producers. Our client was searching for talent that they could keep an eye on and approach at some point in the future. As a research centre, our responsibility was to not only identify executives from the dairy industry, but engage in conversations with them, understand current contexts and what would motivate them to make any kind of career change, look at compensatory statistics (salary expectations vs. their benchmark), and understand the overall impressions of the client in the market.

Ultimately, having our research hub has only contributed to developing our sense of community within our company and strengthening our commitment to making the right placements all over the world. Our Mexico team continues to expand and we are super excited to see what new challenges await us!

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This article is part of a report from Proco Global and Commodities, “Future America.” Download the report here.

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