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A career in supply chain management

Managing the flow of goods and services from the beginning to the end of the customer lifecycle is what supply chain management is all about – it is one of the most fruitful and rewarding career paths, especially at the senior level.

Why is supply chain management a good career choice? With a plethora of opportunities, growth, and learning to be leveraged, there are a number of reasons why this career option may be the perfect choice for many. We’ve outlined our top five reasons for pursuing a career in supply chain below:

1. Become an expert on the end-to-end process

Working in supply chain means you have a front-row seat to everything from conception through to execution, including acquisition, distribution, and delivery. This is a type of experience that’s extremely rare and beneficial to any company, as it helps develop skills in communication, critical thinking, and decision-making.

Additionally, working in supply chain results in an abundance of on-the-job training and L&D, positioning you for a long career of advancement. Due to the expansive nature of such roles, you can diversify your skillset whilst later on having the freedom to choose an area of specialisation.

2. Your Pick of Industry

Nearly every industry on the planet has a supply chain of some sort which is integral to its processes, meaning that you can essentially choose which subsector you want to work in, whether it be fashion, automotive, or food. This also means that working in supply chain means you have job opportunities all over the world, especially as supply chains become more global. Supply chain functions often have numerous positions as well, meaning that there’s room to move into positions that play to your strengths and interests.

3. Growth Opportunities

Even before the pandemic, the supply chain function was predicted to expand massively, owing to increasing globalisation and digitalisation. The industry is expansive and diverse and is continuing on this trajectory, especially in the wake of COVID-19. Every day in the function is different, with new challenges and developments occurring regularly. There is also the need for new skills in this sector, again due to the advancement of such functions, meaning that skillsets previously thought not suited to supply chain are now increasingly desirable.

4. Supply and Demand

There is a current lack of talent at the executive level for supply chain, meaning that the few candidates that do exist are snapped up quickly. And high demand means generous salaries; this is especially true after the pandemic highlighted how critical a well-protected supply chain is. Every company wants to improve their supply chain defences now, and a shortage of supply chain talent has been spotted, especially in the US and Asia.

5. Work with a Purpose

Supply chains affect everyone’s lives to some extent, whether it be through clothing, food, household appliances, or energy. As a result, being part of a function that keeps things moving globally can be incredibly rewarding. This is a great industry for someone who wants to be involved in something fast-paced and constantly evolving.

Supply chain is a dynamic industry that can be demanding and hectic, but it’s hard to get bored and you can see tangible results of your work from day one.

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