Optimising your supply chain for a turbulent future

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The last three months have seen more turbulence in terms of global supply chains due to various factors like geopolitical conflict and economic inflation. Whilst markets seemed to be stabilising somewhat as COVID restrictions eased around the world, this is no longer a certainty.

Businesses everywhere are therefore taking a step back and re-evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. Many are making moves to optimise their processes for sustainability purposes whilst others are looking to maximise security within their supply chain. Ultimately, in the face of tumultuous markets, the supply chain industry is innovating to insure itself against any future threats.

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Back to the basics of supply chain sustainability

Supply chain companies need to be managing climate-related emissions across all parts of the supply chain, which includes suppliers, manufacturers, logistics, and any other partners involved in the process.


Engaging talent through employer branding and candidate experience

The journey of retaining high-quality talent begins a lot earlier than many businesses think it does. Attracting, hiring, and retention are all part of a looped, continual process that trickles down and comes back around.


Supply chain digitalisation - where to start?

Supply chain digitalisation has morphed from an experiment to a business imperative over the last two years. How can you use technology and digital tools to strengthen your supply chain business?


The ingredients of the future

A revolution is already well under way when it comes to what we consume and how that in turn relates to our health, the planet and community.


Over the past quarter, we’ve conducted research relating to the topics and initiatives relevant to Proco Global and our audience. Here’s some of the research we’ve collected about trends and developments across the supply chain this quarter:

Electronic goods shortage
Demand for electronics of all kinds – from cars to phones to laptops – is continuing to swell and the ongoing semiconductor shortage is continuing to exacerbate wait times and generate significant investments into microchip production.

Demand for supply chain professionals swells
There has never been a better time to work in supply chain – with experts being in such high demand nowadays, talented professionals can find themselves fielding multiple offers with extremely attractive compensation packages.

Increased emphasis on supply chain security
Having moved on from the initial panic caused from COVID-19 in regards to complex global supply chains, companies are now situated to invest heavily in security, especially cybersecurity. Cyberattacks on supply chains seem to be increasingly common, leading to a number of businesses taking precautionary steps to protect theirs against data breaches and other complications.

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