Reflecting on market volatility and supply chain struggles

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The outlook for global supply chain across the industrials sector and consumer markets remains volatile, but the end is in sight for some subsectors. Many prices have eased back from their initial post-pandemic peaks and pressure on production lines has lessened, but this may merely be a sign of impending recession, which is already hitting a number of regional pockets.

In this quarter’s newsletter, we feature articles on the biggest topics from each of our global regions: North America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC. Talent acquisition remains a primary concern across all industries, with certain trends emerging off the back of The Great Resignation. Proco Global remains available to discuss any of the market conditions discussed in this newsletter. Get in touch with us here.

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Artificial intelligence in procurement

Many organisations still view artificial intelligence with uncertainty and suspicion.

But the doors are now open for companies to use new technologies to help them alleviate these issues.


The ripple effect and supply chain struggles in Mexico

The ensuing effects of the Ukraine crisis have made one thing clear: being physically far away from a geopolitical conflict doesn’t mean you’re immune to its effects.


The energy crisis and glass

Being part of the packaging sector, and specifically the glass manufacturing segment of the industry, makes it impossible to ignore the financial and operational squeeze perpetrated by the ongoing global energy crisis.


Electronics and manufacturing: market update

As Asia bounces back post pandemic, businesses question how to diversify their supply chains outside of China and manage risk given the lessons learnt through COVID-19.


Over the past quarter, we’ve conducted research relating to the topics and initiatives relevant to Proco Global and our audience. Here’s some of the research we’ve collected about trends and developments across the supply chain this quarter:

With the talent squeeze and skills gap increasingly hindering the ability of supply chains to move effectively, it’s no surprise that many in the Consumer Markets industry are pouring resources into hiring.

However, there can be some downsides to this reliance on internal TA versus external Search Partners:

Working on confidential roles becomes impossible as the approach must come directly from someone within the organisation.

Internal TA tend to have to work on a multitude of different roles, from Supply Chain through to Finance which loses the specialist knowledge often required for Executive Search.

Due to the volume of work TA need to handle, spending the necessary time with each candidate can also become difficult.

Flexibility to turn the hiring on and off; external partners can be utilised on a role-by-role basis versus a resource just sitting around during the down periods.

The best talent attraction solution is usually a mix between both an internal team and external parties to ensure flexibility and agility – with a healthy relationship between Executive Search partners and Talent Acquisition.

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