Alika Savira

Alika Savira

Alika Savira specialises in the recruitment of mid to senior level professionals in Procurement, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Quality & Operational Excellence. She works with clients and candidates from Life Science and High Tech in Asia Pacific.

  • Function

    • Procurement
    • Supply Chain
  • Sector

    • Life Sciences
    • Technology

Alika currently focuses on mid to senior positions across all functions in Procurement, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations. Working solely with clients and candidates within the Life Science and High Tech industry across Asia Pacific. 

Alika joined Proco Global in January 2019 as a Consultant already with 1 year of recruitment experience in the same field. She quickly developed a deep functional understanding of roles across end-to-end supply chain and manufacturing operations and was able to place relevant candidates within organizations. 

Alika’s educational and industrial background came from engineering. She worked as a Project and Industrial Engineer in for 4 years before going into recruitment specializing in Procurement & Supply Chain.